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DC Books is the largest publisher in Kerala, the leading publisher of books in Malayalam, and one of the ten biggest publishers in India. It also operates one of the largest book store chains in India, with a network of over 45 bookshops under the DC Books and Current Books brands as well as over 50 agencies in Kerala.

A customer they lost talks about on AppGrooves "DC Books app is poor. Don’t have the features of a typical ebook applications. Most ridiculous thing is you cannot read the books you purchased on offline. You have to have WiFi to read the books. Senseless bugs sometimes".


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Executive (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management, zero work security, work place culture is bad, people wait to backstab others and you would not even know, employees are treated as slaves, not an enjoying experience,"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"DC books is a very very bad company to work. In the meeting CEO and managers will say al the bad words. They are treating employees like Slaves.Dual reporting no structures and there is no company policy at all...5 months"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Long hours and heavy work loads, having no fun and help from others hate the job . When I joined thinking of its high reputation of the management ,the management were below averagefood and accommodation charges are not goodlong hours"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"I have worked at DC books for one year. I was lucky enough to have a great manager. If you are looking for a sales executive post and if you happen to have a great manager, chances are you'll love it there. It pays comparetively best minimum salary in that market for Freshers as well as experienced people. But the manager level post is extremely hard to survive. For the first 2 or 3 months, new managers will praised for achieving simple targets. The rest of the days you'll face unrealistic targets and if you fail to achieve it, you'll be roasted alive at the meeting. You'll face several injustice such as when a book is found missing during branch auditing, the price of that particular Book Will be deducted from your next salary - this applies to both managers as well as sales staffs. And even though you manage to find that missing Book, your cash won't be returned. And most of the time it's not even your fault that the book has gone missing. Talking about off days. The branches are open all days including Sundays and even during public strikes. Remember the time when most parts of kerala got flooded due to heavy rain?! Yeah those days also counts, except for few branches. So here how it goes - if you work on sundays, you can choose any other days as an off days. But someone has to open the branch in sunday. Also sunday has low Hours of work time compared to all other days. So it will be a good idea to choose to work in this low hour day and take a full day off on any other day. Dc books overall might be a customer friendly company but not a employees friendly company.Famous publisher, comparatively good salary in the market, best for sales staff, you could read books in the free time depending on the manager's temperament.No job security, unrealistic targets for managers, high pressure, horrible meetings, No work life balance, might face with some injustices"

Accounts Executive (Former Employee) says

"A/cs and internal audit of a/cs press a/cs the various payments"

Cluster Manager - Sales& Operations (Former Employee) says

"Awesome experience, monthly meetings were hectic and took time till midnight, salary was not on time, in a nutshell it was all a one man show of ceo, bookfairs and all were tremendous"

senior marketing executive (Former Employee) says

"1.Good atmosphere but salary and working time are not satisfactory 2.Can meet people of different levels 3.got new experience and skills 5.got new organisational skills 6.got ability to work as a team"

Purchase executive (Former Employee) says

"Fair salary should be provided to the emplyees.target set by the management is unacheivable. Attitude towards the employees is sometimes very bad. Management must ensure that employees are posted as per their qualification.Neat and hygenePoor salary"

Sales executive in book and stationery (Current Employee) says

"i like this job but some transportation problem i quite this job..ther is no codination in this shop thats why iam resign this jobi dont like this jobi quite"

Nigel Rawson says

"AUSTRALIAN EAGLEMOSS IS A JOKE I have been a customer of Australian Eaglemoss for several years, and its been going downhill since then. I have placed several orders in the past which I was told were not fully available so were put on hold. I asked for the available items to be sent to me, they were not. After six months of receiving nothing I asked for refund, Eaglemoss ignored my request so i contacted Paypal and Eaglemoss ignore them as well forcing them to refund me. Nearly every item I want is out of stock the moment it gets into the online store, and a recent complaint sent in I received no reply to. Also I no longer receive email updates, so tried to resubscribe to emails and I get blocked upon trying. Its like ive been deliberately blocked by Eaglemoss. I want to order from either England or America - can you make this possible."

Paul Bell says

"Following on from my previous complaint. 2 weeks have passed and again contacted eaglemoss about special edition 2 ISS charon, that I've already received last year. Again no refund and I have to return item at my cost even though this isn't my fault. Eaglemoss customer services is a joke. They treat there customers like scum. If I could give a minus score I would. Looking at legal advice now."

Ruth says

"Order not yet received so cannot review."

Patricio Garcia Ducha says

"I don´t understand what is happening witn my parcel. Today, september 8, I keep waiting for my package and I don´t receive it. I don't know what happens. The first time it was sent to me, it was returned to you without knowing why. They send it to me again, and according to the tracking number, which you send me, my package has been in transit since August 26 and is in Oldbury (GB). I don't understand anything and I'm very upset."

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